Title I 

    Mark your calendars!!

    August 17th and 18th                   REACH Open House @ North Vista

    September 1st                             SIC/Title One  Meeting   2:45pm

    September 5th                             Labor Day Holiday for Students and Staff

    September 15th                            Interim Reports Issued

    September 21st                            Terrific Kids Program   8:30am

    September 22nd                           Princi-PALS

    September 23rd                            Staff Development Day (No Students)

    September 26th-30th                     Breakfast with Grandparents Week

     What is Title I?

    • Title I is the largest federally funded education program that provides resources to school districts meeting the eligibility requirements.  Title I funds help improve educational opportunities for disadvantaged students.  In order to be a Title I School, a school must have at least 40% of its students on free or reduced lunch on the 135th day of school last year.  By the 135th day of school last year, 55% of Carver’s students were on free or reduced lunch.

    How are Title I funds used at Carver?    

    Carver received a total of $171,080 from Title I for this school year.  These monies will be used to provide the following for our school:

    • One teacher's salary
    • A full time instructional coach
    • A part time Leap Lab assistant
    • Parenting workshops (based on surveys) to be offered throughout the year
    • Staff development for teachers
    • Technology equipment
    • Supplies and classroom materials

    How can parents become involved?

         The District and School Parent Involvement Policy will be sent home in a Monday Folder.  In addition, a Fall Parent Survey and a 2015-2016 Compact will be sent home to be signed and returned to school.  Your comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated by the staff at Carver and are an important part of our Title I Program.

         The Title I Project is available for parents to review in the school office and in the Media Center.  Parents also have access to our Parent Resource Library housed in the Media Center and will be notified of workshops throughout the school year.

         Carver parents are important to our school’s success.  We appreciate your active involvement and enthusiastic support.

         Carver’s Title One Plan is available in the office and the  school library for the public to view.