• Timrod's Homework Policy

    Homework Policy

    Homework is an extension to class instruction; therefore, it is important that assigned homework is completed each night. Homework provides an opportunity for students to apply and enhance their skills. It gives students a chance to amend their mistakes and improve on their weaknesses. Overall, homework enhances academic achievement.
    Reading logs and student agendas should be signed each night as a part of homework. Homework is not an option and should be completed when assigned. The following homework policy will be implemented and will start over at the beginning of each month. We need the support of our teachers and parents for our students to become responsible and successful. Please check your child’s agenda for assignments and important messages.

    Consequences for No Homework

    1st Offense

    Note in agenda

    2nd Offense

    Note in agenda
    Recess taken

    3rd Offense

    Note in agenda
    Recess taken
    Teacher calls parent

    4th Offense

    Note in agenda
    Recess taken
    Principal sends letter to parent for signature

    5th Offense

    Note in agenda
    Recess taken
    Student conference with PBIS team member
    Teacher calls parent if letter not signed and returned

    6th Offense

    Note in agenda
    Recess taken
    Discipline Referral to Office
    Student/Parent conference with principal



    Grade 1: 30 minutes or less
    Grades 2 – 3: 45 minutes or less
    Grades 4 – 6: 20 minutes per academic subject

    Daily homework is an important extension of the classroom and should be
    appropriate for the age and ability of the students as directed by the district
    homework guidelines. Homework should only be assigned when a concept or skill
    has been well explained and understood by the students. It should never include
    skills not previously taught. Homework should be more than merely completing
    classwork outside of class. It should be assigned to provide meaningful practice for
    the student or diagnosis for the teacher.
    Homework should never be used as a punishment or a time filler. Under normal
    circumstances, a distinction should be made between classroom and homework

    The following practices are NOT acceptable:

    • Grading of homework as a daily grade (if a child has a homework
      assignment, brings in the assignment, but provides incorrect answers for 7 of
      10 problems, the child has made an effort but is penalized because the effort
      is not perfect).
    • The assignment of all problems or sentences to every student just because
      they are on the page - there should be some purpose to the assignment.
    • Homework that is assigned but not checked in some manner.
    • Homework grades for a specific time period being computed as a test grade.