• Mission Statement

    The mission of South Florence High School is to prepare students to become responsible, world-class citizens and high-achieving, life-long learners.

    Vision Statement

    In order to accomplish this mission, we envision a school that uses small learning communities to create safe, responsible, involved, supported, and challenged student and adult learners.  We will celebrate our achievements and encourage active partnerships with families and the entire community.  We will develop the resources and capacities of the school and its individuals in order to cohesively respond to the changing needs of students and the changing needs of society. 

    The educational process of teaching and learning will be based on respect, academic rigor, and individual self-directedness.  In order to promote an effective learning environment, the teachers in the building will collaborate with others, strive to improve their teaching craft, and seek to better understand and support student learners.  Interdisciplinary instruction will be valued as a way to reinforce learning.  This includes an emphasis on technology and arts integration across the curriculum.  The students, for their part, will realize their responsibility as contributing members of both the South Florence and global community. To that end, students will display a solid work ethic, a quest for scholarship and a respectful attitude towards faculty, staff and their peers.

    The adults in this building understand that work of this magnitude requires that we act as caring, reliable, open, and honest individuals and do our work competently in order to earn the trust of others.  Working ethically with integrity is a non-negotiable