• Car line procedures

    The car line will be in the rear of the building.

    Morning:  During the morning drop off a single lane of cars will be utilized.  The lead car is to pull all the way to the first cone where a staff member will then stop traffic.  Once all of the cars have come to a stop, a staff member will motion for all students to exit on the right side of the vehicle (facing the school).  After all students are clear and safely out of the drive, staff members will move aside and motion for parents to pull away.  Please note - though we want this to be efficient as possible, our top priority is the safety of our children and staff.  Please do not pull away until the adult on duty has seen all children step safely away from traffic and has motioned for you to pull forward.  Please always drive safely looking out for others.

    Afternoon: Parents and guardians are not to walk up to pick up students. Any parent or adult picking up students will need to have their child’s name-tag in plain view. Students will be escorted to cars by teachers.  Students are to sit quietly and listen for their names to be called.  Car line will begin at 2:20. All car riders should be picked up no later than 2:45.