• Florence 1 Schools Code of Conduct

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    Reminder to Parents and Students regarding Mobile Devices (cell phones) at School

    Mobile devices ARE allowed to be used during the following times:

    • Before school until 8:22
    • During the student's designated lunch period
    • After school starting at 3:30

    Mobile devices are NOT allowed to be used during the following times:

    • In the hallways or classrooms between blocks
    • During class-unless permission is given by the teacher for educational purposes

     *Please understand that we are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged mobile devices that are brought to school. 

    Florence 1 Schools Exam Exemption Policy

    To promote and encourage academic excellence and acceptable behavior, students in grades nine through 12 who meet specified criteria may exempt exams.

    To exempt a term examination, a student must meet all of the following criteria:

    • A grade of 90 or higher in the subject
    • No out-of-school suspensions for the semester

    Student eligibility will be determined two days prior to the administration of the examination and must be based
    on the cumulative final grade for the course at that point. Students who are exempt from examinations but
    present at school will report to the non-testing area(s) designated by the principal during the examination period. A
    student, although eligible for the exemption, may forfeit his/her exemption status and take the exam.
    12th-grade advisory students not enrolled in AP, IB, or EOC courses may exempt mid-term examinations.

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