Schedule Change Request

  • Schedule changes will only be approved for the following reasons:

    1. A required course for graduation or promotion has been omitted from the schedule.
    2.  Credit for the course has been earned previously, for example, during summer school or credit recovery.
    3.  A student has not passed the prerequisite for the course
    4. All required courses are scheduled in the same semester or a similar hardship occurs.
    5. A transfer student requires a level change due to newly received information.
    6. An error has been made by the school.
    7. A newly documented medical condition makes a course unsuitable for a student.

    Students will NOT be allowed to drop courses for the following reasons:

    1. Student wants a different teacher.
    2. Student wants a different elective.(most electives are full)
    3. Student wants a different lunch.
    4. Student wants a class with a friend.  

    Southside students request a change here - students must be signed in with district credentials to access Schedule Change form.

Mrs. James, Mrs. Osborne, Mrs. Smith
  • Southsides School Counselors

  • Mrs. Wanda Smith, Mrs. Kim Osborne, Mrs. Christy James
    Our School Counselors are here to help your child's time at Southside to be  successful and to help them plan for a career in high school and beyond.