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    School Counseling Office Phone: (843)758-6557

    Fax Number: (843) 664-8475


    Visit Availability for College Admissions Representatives

    We will begin welcoming admissions representatives to  our school during the week of September 10, 2019. 

    All visits take place in the School Counseling Office Conference Room.   Representatives can contact Mrs. Britton Yarborough at 843-758-6563 or byarborough@fsd1.org to schedule dates and times for visits. 

    If you are interested in meeting specific students, or would like to schedule additional time to interview a potential applicant, contact Mrs. Yarborough to make this request. 

  • Final Transcript Instruction

    Due to implementation timeline at F1S, the district has decided to utilize the NCAA and non-college transcripts feature for graduates to request send of their final transcripts to the colleges they plan to attend. See directions for Transcript Request through SchooLinks.

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