• Students at Briggs fall into one of the four categories below:

    Bus Rider/Car Rider/Walker/Biker (day care vans are considered buses). If you arrive or leave Briggs in a CAR, you must come through the car line. If waiting in the car line is a problem, please feel free to come between 2:25PM and 2:30PM when the car line moves quickly. There will be NO exceptions to this policy.

    There will be one car line located at the front of the building. All traffic on Congaree Drive moves from south to north (from Wisteria toward Cherokee Road) in the front of the building in the mornings and afternoons. Children are to be let out and picked up ANYWHERE between the covered walkway and the main entrance during the designated times when adult supervision is provided.

    Students in grades 1st-5th may open/close car doors. Students in Kindergarten who need assistance will have car doors opened by staff members. Please turn on your flashers if your child needs assistance in the car line. Children must exit and enter cars on the passenger side only. Cars may not be double parked or left unattended in unauthorized areas.

    Parents who need to enter the building should park on Briggs Avenue.

    Children are not to pass between parked cars or to cross a street to get to a parked car. When loading and unloading children, we are interested in safety - not speed! It is thoughtless, irresponsible, and possibly deadly to disregard the safety of others in order to save a few seconds. Everyone's cooperation is needed. The carline allows us to load 10 cars at once. Your patience is greatly appreciated. After the first few weeks of school, our car line will flow smoothly. Safety is our top priority.