Anti-Bullying Plan

  • Anti­Bullying Plan

    Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behavior is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time.

    Unacceptable Behavior: Includes repeated use by one or more students of a written, verbal, electronic expression, physical act, or gesture directed at a target that causes physical or emotional harm or reasonable fear; behavior that creates a hostile environment, infringes on students’ rights, or disrupts the educational process.

    Appropriate Behavior: Any behavior that does not materially or substantially disrupt the educational process or the orderly operation of the school.

    Curriculum Focus
    All students, kindergarten through grade 6, will be exposed to bullying instruction using the following programs purchased by the district:
    “Bullying Prevention” by Channing Bete - K­-3
    “Steps to Respect” by Committee for Children - 4­-6

    Parents will also be invited to participate in a workshop on bullying.

    Consequences shall be varied and given according to the nature of the behavior, the developmental age of the student, and the student’s history of problem behavior and performance.

    Factors for determining consequences

    • Age, developmental and maturity level of the students involved
    • Situational circumstances
    • Degree of harm
    • Nature and severity of the behavior
    • Past incidences
    • Relationship between the parties involved
    • Repetition of the behavior

    Penalty/Remedial Strategies
    Penalty/remedial strategies will be applied in accordance with the Florence School District One Pupil Discipline Code. The range of disciplinary actions include, but are not limited to one or more of the following:

    • Verbal warnings
    • Written warnings
    • Student conferences
    • Parent conferences
    • Group guidance sessions
    • Loss of privileges
    • Behavior health counseling
    • Detention
    • Suspensions

    Support for the Accused:

    • Conference with accused will be held with teacher in minor incidents
    • Conference with accused will be held with school administrator
    • Conference will be held with parent of accused
    • Behavior counseling will be implemented with accused
    • Behavior intervention plan will be implemented, if necessary
    • Appropriate disciplinary consequences will be administered by school administrator

    Support for the Victim:

    • A plan to limit and control the behavior of the aggressor will be implemented if needed within the classroom and through out the school building
    • Mediation between the victim and aggressor will be conducted, if necessary
    • Counseling will be provided to the victim, as necessary

    Reporting Procedure:

    Any staff member, school volunteer, parent or guardian, or student will report immediately to the principal or designee when he/she witnesses or becomes aware of conduct that may be bullying or retaliation. Reports may be made anonymously, but no disciplinary action will be taken against any alleged aggressor solely on the basis of anonymous report. Reporting forms will be made available throughout the school.

    Procedures for investigating the reported bullying:

    • Report is received
    • Interview target
    • Interview reporter
    • Interview aggressor
    • Determine merit and plausibility of report
    • Decide on appropriate consequences

    False Reporting

    • False reports submitted knowingly alleging bullying, cyberbullying, or retaliation will be subject to disciplinary action in accordance to the Florence School District One Pupil Discipline Code.

    All staff will be trained in reporting procedures for incidents of bullying within the school.
    Students will also be exposed to bullying instruction within the classroom setting and throughout the school.

    Parent notification

    • Parents of victim and accused bully will be notified of a reported bullying incident
    • Investigation will begin immediately
    • If the incident is valid, a plan will be developed for the victim and parent notified
    • If the incident is valid, the parent for the bully will be notified of the consequences and the planfor remediation