Libray Information

      • Battle of the Books 

        BOB is a TEAM and students who love to read and who are competitive should consider trying out for this team.  Interested students need to know:

        • BOB meetings and competitions are held in the mornings, usually on Tuesdays, from 8:00 am to 8:30 am.  
        • Three competitions are held in the fall (in October, November, and December) and three are held in the spring (in February, March, and April).
        • Our BOB team competes against the other three middle schools in Florence District 1.
        • The competitions are held VIRTUALLY using Google Meet and online buzzing software.  Our team will be in the media center for the competitions.
        • Team members are chosen from a tryout process.  See below for tryout information.
        • Team members read books from the South Carolina Junior Book Award list.  Ten of the books will be read for the fall competitions and ten for the spring competitions.  Team members will have to read at least two of the ten books but are encouraged to read all ten of them.

        Tryout Information:

        Students will read a book and take a timed tryout test on that book.  The students with the top scores will be chosen for the team.   Students need to see Mrs. Lane in the media center to pick up the book by Wednesday, Sept. 2.  The tryout tests will be given on Wednesday, September 7 and Thursday, September 8 (students can pick which day they want to try out) from 8:00am to 8:30am.



      Phone: (843)664-8171


      Degrees and Certifications:

      BA, Secondary Education (English), Clemson University MLIS, University of South Carolina

      Mrs. Susan Lane

      I am a Cheraw High School, Clemson University (Bachelor of Arts, Secondary Education, English) and University of South Carolina (Master of Library and Information Science) graduate.  I taught seventh grade ELA for nine years before becoming a media specialist, a job I have enjoyed for twenty-eight years.  My entire teaching career has been with Florence School District One at Moore.

      My job is one of SERVICE, and if I can help you or your student with anything media center related, please email me at or call me at 843-664-8171.

      Click HERE for an introductory video.




      Libary Assistant

      I am Lauranne Guinn and this is my third year at Moore Middle School as the Media Assistant.  If I can help you in any way please let me know.  Lion Proud, Lion Strong!


      Books and eBooks



        This is a series of databases provided free to South Carolina residents by our state.  If prompted for a user name and password, email for that information.



      MMS Blog

      • After reading our guidelines, you will see the link to take you to the blog.

        Moore Blog Post Guidelines

        • This is a Moore blog.  Your blog should represent our school in quality, content, and tone.  This is not a social media page where you just talk about you.   

        • Blogs include both facts and thoughts about those facts.  Back your opinions with facts.  Credit where you found your facts.  

        • Other students will be allowed to comment on your blog post.  They may disagree with you.  Please think about how this will impact your feelings before you submit a post.  See the commenting guidelines for more information.

        • Although blogs are less formal than many formats, all blogs should be in complete sentences, have correct spelling and punctuation, and not include social media shortcuts (Example 4 for FOR, @ for AT, etc.).  Proofread your post before you submit it.

        • Post NO personal information. Only your first name will be used on the post. 

        • Both potential blog posts and potential comments must be approved before they are posted.  Failure to follow these guidelines will result in your post/comment not being included.  Also, your parents must have given permission for your work to be shared to a webpage on the Media Permission form filled out during registration before your work will be posted.  Because of the number of submissions, you can expect a delay in your potential post appearing on the blog.