• Wallace Gregg Elementary School's

    Media Center 


           Wallace Gregg is a school that consists of grades K-5.  Each class in grades K-1 visits the library at a set time daily.  During these visits, our students are able to explore the library independently and check out books.  Grades K-2 visit our library as a special area class.  During this time, students have a chance to learn more about reading.  During this class, we will utilize online digital books and physical books.  We will also utilize digital resources and printed resources located in the library.  Students are able to check out books anytime that the library is open without classes.  Even though classes come to the Media Center, other classes or individual students may also stop by as needed.


         Our school's Research Lab is also located within the library. It is equipped with 24 computers. Teachers may schedule a time to utilize the research lab with a class or small groups. The Research Lab is also utilized for AR testing, STAR testing, LinkIt testing, DreamBox, Lexia, and make-up testing.