Ms. Carrie Simmons



Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Carrie Simmons

Read-to-Succeed Reading Coach

Carrie Simmons is assigned to Timrod Elementary School via Florence School District One under the umbrella of the SCDE Read-to-Succeed Initiative. Ms. Simmons will support implementation of R2S by working directly with teachers, providing classroombased demonstrations, collaborative and one-on-one support, facilitating teacher inquiry and related professional development. Her purposed focus is to support teachers in enhancing independent student learning/reading abilities and providing evidence of their instructional impact on student learning via data and assessment driven systematic processes. Ms. Simmons also works with administration to collect, analyze and interpert data to be used in guiding instructional decisions. Ms. Simmons has a B.S. in Mathematics (Morris College). a B.A. in Elementary Education (Coker College), a Masters in Elementary Education (Francis Marion University) and 56 hours of Successfully Completed Coursework and Examination (Nova Southeastern University) in Educational Leadership and Administration. Ms. Simmons is currently enrolled in Coastal Carolina University's Graduate Educational Leadership Program. Ms. Simmons is a veteran classroom teacher and former school administrator. Ms. Simmons' Educational Motto is: "Life is a story of where we've been, Destiny is a decision of where we're going!"
Main Office: (843)664-8454