Phone: 843-954-3181


Degrees and Certifications:

Elementary ED, Middle School Math & Gifted & Talented Certified.

Mr. Lane



     My name is Joshua Lane, & I’m excited to be starting my 8th year of teaching with you!  Two years ago, I was tasked with teaching virtually, & I left every day feeling like I could not do my job the way it needed to be done. 

     I began to feel burned out, & worried that I had lost my fire for teaching.  Fortunately, last year, I was lucky enough to have a group of students that completely re-ignited my passion for the classroom & my job.  I'm excited to share that passion & fire with all of you this year.

    You’re now a middle schooler! I remember this time when I was a student & how challenging, intimidating, & exciting it all felt.  I hope to be someone you can depend on to help you through this exciting transition.

    If you’ve read this far--you deserve to get to know me a little bit.  First off & most importantly, I have three cats. Oliver, the perfect cat.  Muu the needy cat. & Savvy, the baby (even though she’s 6 years old). You will get to know my cats, as my room has their pictures--as well as using them in our math problems, morning boards, or maybe I’ll just sneak one in some day (shh don’t tell).

    I also enjoy playing video games & skateboarding--I know you may think I’m too old for those things.  Sometimes I think you’re right, especially when I take a hard fall at the skatepark. 

    Lastly, & maybe most importantly--I love teaching.  Building relationships with students is the number one way to inspire learning & positive change.  I can’t wait to start building those relationships with you (unless you like cherry poptarts).  Together, we can shape the start of your middle school experience into a time where you’ll learn new things, meet new people, & begin to grow into the person you want to become.