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Mr. Lane


    My name is Joshua Lane, & I’m excited to be starting my 6th year of teaching with you! This year will obviously be different from any year that we’ve experienced.  However, I’m excited to take on that challenge with you.

    My first goal this year is your safety.  Schools were a place I always felt safe in growing up, & no matter what is happening in our world--You deserve to feel that same safety.  In my classroom we will follow the district's guidelines for creating a safe environment.  We might find those guidelines challenging from time to time, but together we will overcome any difficulties in adjusting to our new environment.

    If you’ve read this far--you deserve to get to know me a little bit.  First off & most importantly, I have three cats. Oliver, the perfect cat.  Muu the needy cat. & Savvy, the baby (for now). You will get to know my cats, as my room has their pictures--as well as using them in our math problems, morning boards, or maybe I’ll just sneak one in some day (shh don’t tell).

    I also enjoy playing video games & skateboarding--I know you may think I’m too old for those things.  Sometimes I think you’re right, especially when I take a hard fall at the skatepark. 

    Lastly, & maybe most importantly--I love teaching.  I am convinced that teaching is what I was born to do.  Building relationships with students is the number one way to inspire learning & positive change.  I can’t wait to start building those relationships with you (unless you like cherry poptarts).  Let’s make 2020-2021 an amazing year--no matter what.