Mrs. Kaydian Guthrie

Phone: (843) 664-8162


Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Kaydian Guthrie

I am Kaydian Guthrie, a teacher of English Language/Literacy who hails from the tropical island of Jamaica, West Indies. I am a graduate of the distinguished teacher-education institution, Mico University College, which is located in Kingston, Jamaica. At The Mico, I achieved both a Bachelor in Education, as well as a Diploma in Education at the Secondary level. My journey as an educator began in 2001 as a classroom teacher, however, it is my intention to pursue further studies in school leadership. This will enable me to continue the mission of shaping young minds towards independence and purposefulness in this 21st century and beyond.


I am delighted to be in the USA, but more so, to be a part of Florence School District One where I can expand my pedagogical skills as our cultures fuse together. I am committed to enhancing the educational experience of the students I serve and look forward to the partnership between parents and other stakeholders who are interested in the holistic development of our children.

I enjoy reading, singing, dancing and socializing with family and friends. I also possess other skills such as emceeing various functions as well as composing songs and poems. Once again, I appreciate the opportunity to serve FSD One as I keep at the forefront of my mind a gem that my elementary teachers taught us:

‘Labor for learning before you grow old

For learning is better than silver and gold

Silver and gold will vanish away

But a good education will never decay!’