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MLL Resources


There are many resources parents can access to assist in their children’s academic success. Below are some resources for valuable information and web sites for you and your students to enjoy.

Helpful Websites for English Learners

Learning a new language can be fun!  The internet can be a great resource for additional English language practice!  The following sites can be accessed at home or at your public library to reinforce the use of the English language as it pertains to academic instruction.

Supporting Multilingual Learners (MLs)

Tips to Support Learning at School and at Home

  • Ensure that the student attends school daily, completes homework, and participates fully in classes.
  • Encourage the student to participate in extra-curricular activities such as after-school clubs, sports, band, etc.
  • Ask for other resources available from ESOL teachers, bilingual community liaisons, social workers, and counselors.
  • Be aware of standardized testing dates and ensure that the student arrives at school rested and on time.
  • Attend parent/teacher conferences, school events, and activities. (interpreters can be provided by the school)
  • Learn about high school graduation requirements and opportunities for education after high school.
  • Find a tutor if necessary. If parents cannot directly help with homework, encourage them to locate a tutor to help their children and answer any questions.
  • Read bilingual books together. Bilingual books are a great way for ELL students and their parents and family to enjoy books together.
  • Promote communication in your home language and/or English by discussing school, community, world events, friendships, challenges, stress, goals, etc.