• I feel that it is important for your child to attend school with a positive environment.  In order for this to occur, I have developed a classroom discipline plan that will be in effect at all times.   This plan will help your child manage his/her behavior.  The plan is as follows:


    1. Follow directions the first time they are given.
    2. Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
    3. Raise your hand before talking.
    4. Do your best work.


    I have a color chart  in my room the keep track of each child’s behavior.  Each child has an alligator with his/her name on it.  If a child breaks a rule, the following consequences will occur:


    verbal warning

    color change -2nd Warning- alligator stays on the green color
    color change- 3rd offense- Time-out – alligator is moved to the yellow color
    color change- 5th offense or extreme offense- note/phone call to parent or office referral – alligator is moved to the red light



    Students can also be rewarded by having their color move up the chart to reflect fabulous behavior with blue, purple, and pink color changes!

    I will send home a behavior report each day in your child’s folder.  Please sigh it and return it daily in your child’s homework folder.

    Studenst can also receive rewards for great behavior.  These include:


    good notes home 

    Gator Pride Rewards