• Classroom Contract - On the first day of each quarter, the students and I work together to create a classroom contract that consists of what we want the classroom to look like, feel like, and sound like.  We also talk about important rules to follow.  As of Monday, August 1, 2022, here is the contract we agreed upon:


    STEM Elective - 3rd Block - Classroom Contract


    "We want our classroom to feel like home.  It should be a welcoming space where you feel happy.  You should be able to trust each other and have fun.  We want to encourage each other to love one another and follow the rules about, "HOODS -N- GOODS."  Be creative and listen to each other.  We want an organized, fun, and clean classroom that sometimes looks like a zoo or an amusement park.  Our classroom is always open to you as long as you are respectful, responsible, and resourceful."