Rules and Procedures

  • Speech Therapy Room Rules

    1.  Be courteous...respect yourself and others.

    2.  Do not interfere with instructional lessons.

    3.  Remain in your seat quietly unless called upon.

    4.  Only one person may speak at a time.

    5.  Raise your hand if you have a question or a comment. 


    Speech Therapy Room Consequences for Inappropriate Behavior

    1.  First Offense: initial verbal warning

    2.  Second Offense: second verbal warning

    3.  Third Offense: teacher notification of inappropriate behavior

    4.  Fourth Offense: parent notification of inappropriate behavior

    5.  Fifth Offense: office referral

    *****SPECIAL NOTE*****
    All students exhibiting excellent behavior and completing all therapy exercises for the entire week will be rewarded with a prize/treat.