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    Kelly Educational Staffing (KES®) is dedicated to helping school districts save money
    and operate at peak capacity by fulfilling all staffing needs.  As a complete education staffing
    solution, we manage substitute teachers as well as non-instructional substitutes such as
    custodians, food service workers, administrative/clerical assistants, and more.  Launched in
    1997, KES partners with 6,175+ public and private schools across 35 states and have 100%
    success improving substitute placement rates in all our partner districts. More than 2.2 million
    classrooms are filled by a KES substitute teacher each year. 
    For more information, please visit www.kellyeducationalstaffing.com.   

    To apply for any of the following substitute positions with Florence Public School District One:

        - Substitute Teacher
        - Substitute Food Service Worker
        - Substitute Custodian
        - Substitute Clerical/Administrative Assistant

    Please contact the local Kelly Educational Staffing branch office at 843-664-0022 or email KES at