• General Information:

    Every year, all first grade children at Timrod are assessed to identify students who may benefit from Reading Recovery tutoring.  The Reading Recovery program is a short-term early intervention program that supplements classroom instruction for first grade children most in need of help in reading and writing.  The Reading Recovery teacher and the classroom teacher work collaboratively with parents to help children become successful readers and writers.  When the child can read and write at a level equal to that of a typical first grade peer, or at the end of twenty weeks, the child's program is discontinued and a new child enters the program.


    Students in Reading Recovery work with a trained Reading Recovery teacher for 30 minutes each day. Children will learn more about words and letters, read lots of books and compose sentences or stories; practicing handwriting skills and high frequency words.  Instruction lasts 12-20 weeks and at the end of a child's program, the child's performance is observed and assessed to determine whether the child is ready to discontinue or not discontinue from the Reading Recovery Program.

    Each lesson includes:

    Familiar Reading for phrasing, fluency and confidence
    Daily assessment of child's reading skills and strategies
    Discovery of how letters and words work
    Creating/composing a story with teacher support
    Rearranging his story from a cut-up sentence provided by the teacher
    Reading a new book, where the child uses skills and strategies learned throughout the lesson

  • Mrs. Allison Middleton


      Reading Intervention Teacher

      As a child I always loved playing "school" and that's how I completed homework 
      assignments and studied for tests.  It was my dream to be a teacher and I have had the
      pleasure of being since 1992.  I started teaching at Timrod in 2000 and I have been a
      trained Reading Recovery teacher since 2001/2002.  I enjoy helping students with
      literacy and watching them become independent readers and writers.

      Parents are welcome and encouraged to come in and observe their child in a Reading
      Recovery lesson.  Please contact me by calling the school or by email to set up a time
      that is convenient with you.

      Mrs. Allison Middleton

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