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    ~Dr. Machell Sprauve ~ Math ~

    Welcome to FSD1VS!   We hope that you will have a positive and successful experience in the virtual world!  This will be a very new experience for many of you as you are accustomed to being in a traditional classroom setting, meeting face-to-face with your teacher; however, many of you are technology savvy and will do just fine!   To ensure your success, please review the following selected information that you and your parent agreed to in order to participate in FSD1VS:  

    Success Agreement 

    Student Responsibility:  

    • I will have access to a computer with high-speed internet connection as well as access to Microsoft WORD and/or Google Apps in order to submit written assignments. If I have any technological problems, I will contact my teacher immediately. 
    • I will have a working e-mail account that includes all or part of my first and last names. I will check my personal and APEX e-mail accounts daily. 
    • I will maintain contact with my teacher via e-mail, phone, or face-to-face meetings.  
    • I will log in and work for a minimum of five (5) hours per week for each class in which I am enrolled. (20+ hours per week needed for summer session.) Failure to sign in and access the course for over seven consecutive days without prior approval will result in automatic withdrawal from the course; a grade of withdraw failing (WF) will be issued.   
    • I will complete my class by the end of the quarter/ semester as set by the district schedule; courses do not carry over to the next term.  
    • I will return to my home school for proctored testing on unit tests, exams, and end of course tests. 
    • The grade I earn in the class is the grade that will be posted to my transcript; zeroes will be entered for all incomplete/missing work. 
    • If I fail to maintain minimum academic standards, I may be ineligible to participate in virtual school courses in the future.  
    • I will abide by the district’s acceptable use policy and the Academic Honesty Policy as noted below. 

    ACADEMIC Honesty Policy  

    The FSD1VS staff is opposed to all forms of cheating. To support this policy, certain safeguards are in place for academic security. For such a policy to be meaningful, the support of all students and parents is required.  The following offenses are considered forms of cheating; this is not an exhaustive list:  

    • Use of external assistance, including collaboration of an assignment with another student. 
    • Use of another’s ideas, words, or work as one’s own, plagiarism.  This infraction occurs most frequently when students use the internet as a source, borrowing information, and presenting it as their own. Students may use notes they have taken from the Apex program on these tests, used. In completing assign but no other resources, including the internet, may be ments, students may refer to Apex; however, documentation of the location within Apex where information was obtained is required (Ex: Apex: 2.2.1 p 3)  Instructors use a variety of technology to verify the authenticity of student work.   

    Consequences of cheating:  

    • First offense: Parent and guidance contacted and zero on the assignment.  
    • Second offense: Parent and guidance contacted and zero on the assignment.  
    • Third and FINAL offense: Parent and guidance contacted and removal from the class and a grade of WF (withdraw failing) posted to transcript. 

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