• Caulkins'/Dean's Schedule for 2022-2023

    7:45-10:35         Lunch count, calendar activities, large group instruction, and 

                               begin individual and small group lessons.  (Work time for all.  Interventions, at least 15 minutes.)

    9:55-10:30        Specials:  Mon.- Music (Jokisch), Tues.- Art (Johnson), Thurs.- Library (Thomas), Fri.- PE (Kennerly)       

    10:35-11:05      Lunch in our room.  

    11:05-11:15      Clean up from lunch and go to the bathroom.  Introduce/discuss handwriting and vocabulary words with 5s.

    11:15-11:30      Recess     

    11:35-2:05        Work time for all.  Interventions, at least 15 minutes.  (5s do dictated sentence and complete handwriting.)

    2:05-2:15          Finish lessons, clean up, wrap up the day with review, and get ready for dismissal.  (Extra OG decoding                                          practice.)

    *ELA and Math are incorporated throughout the day in circle times and work times.  Students are taught individual and small group lessons based on their individual levels.  Students also practice independently during work times.