• Caulkins'/Dean's Schedule for 2020-2021

    7:45-10:35         Lunch count, calendar activities, the morning show, 

                                large group instruction, and begin individual and

                                small group lessons.  (Work Time).

    8:50-9:35           Specials:       Friday-Art. (8:50-9:35)

    10:35-11:05      Lunch in our room.  

    11:05-11:15      Clean up from lunch and go to the bathroom.  Introduce/Discuss handwriting sentence to 5s.

    11:15-11:30      Recess

    11:35-12:00      5s do dictated sentence and complete handwriting.

    12:00-2:05        Work time.

    12:40-1:15        Specials:    Tues.,-PE (Coach Richburg), Wed.-Music 

                              (Mrs. Jokisch).

    2:05-2:15          Finish lessons, wrap up the day with review, and get 

                              ready for dismissal.