Public Participation at Board Meetings

  • A citizen wishing to address the Board may do so through Public Paricipation which is scheduled at each regular meeting.

    1. The citizen must present a completed "Public Participation Card" stating the name of the individual, the name of the organization being represented, if appropriate, the address, the phone number, the purpose of the request, and the topic to be addressed.
    2. The completed card must be submitted to the chairman or his designee prior to the opening of the meeting at 7:00 pm.
    3. Each citizen will be given five (5) minutes to address the topic. The chairman may extend or restrict the amount of time if warranted. If more than one person wishes to address the board in the same topic, the chair may ask the group to select a representative(s) to speak for the entire group.
    4. A citizen may provide the board with written information if he/she wishes in lieu of addressing the board or in addition to addressing the board.
    5. Citizens are not to address personal attacks/complaints against employees of the district during open session.
    6. Except in an emergency situation, the Board will not take any action on the request that meeting.
    7. If necessary, the Board may place the citizen's request on the agenda of a subsequent board meeting.
    8. The Superintendent or his designee will respond in writing to the citizen regarding the request if a response is necessary.