• Florence School District One Grading Scale

    E (100-85)

    • Is prepared for class
    • Follows safety procedures without teacher reminder
    • Works well in group activities
    • Contributes to class discussion
    • Masters art materials easily
    • Helps others master skills
    • Respects others around him/her

    S (84-60)

    • Is prepared most of the time and ready to work
    • Follows most safety rules and procedures
    • Works fairly well with others
    • Contributes some to class lesson/group work
    • Has to be reminded of class procedures

    N (59 and below)

    • Must be reminded constantly of classroom rules
    • Works poorly with others
    • Does not contribute to lessons
    • Seldom masters material taught in the art room
    • Disrespect shown to class by engaging in talking out, etc