• Click here to access the Florence One Schools Code of Conduct Page

     ID Badges

    All high school students in FSD1 are furnished with ID badges and are required to appropriately wear them at all times at the Advantage Academy 

    School Closing

    In case of severe weather, the official announcements for school closings will be posted on the district website.

    Mobile Devices and Cell Phones

    Please reference the Student Code of Conduct regarding personal or school-issued electronic devices.  Advantage Academy assumes no responsibility for any loss or theft of these devices.

    Tardy Policy

    Ample time is allowed for students to get from one class to another.  Punctuality and dependability are a vital part of the education process and the world of work.  All students at the Advantage Academy are encouraged to get to all classes on time.

     Student Transportation to the Advantage Academy 

    Bus transportation is provided for all students attending the Advantage Academy.  Students who desire to furnish their own transportation to the center may be permitted to do so subject to the following;

    1. Permission must be obtained on the proper form from parent, principal, and the Advantage Academy.
    2. Transportation may be shared with other students provided parents involved come to the high school and sign the proper permission form.
    3. This privilege may be revoked at any time at the discretion of principal or the Advantage Academy.
    4. Morning driving students from West Florence and Wilson must be in class by 8:30.  Afternoon driving students from West Florence and Wilson must be in class by 12:30 and will be dismissed at 3:05.


    All driving students (Wilson and West Florence only) are required to register their cars as well as purchase a parking permit.  Students who do not abide by the parking regulations will be subject to revocation of their driving privileges.  Permission to enter cars during class must be obtained from school administation.

    Student parking is located at the front of the Advantage Academy.  Vehicles may not be parked around shop areas unless a form is obtained from the office giving student permission to do so.


    Students suspended from Advantage Academy or their home high school are suspended from both schools.