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      • Welcome to REACH, the elementary academic gifted and talented program for Florence One Schools. The mission of REACH is to maximize the potential of gifted and talented students by providing a learning experience that matches the unique characteristics and needs of each student. Our units of study are specifically designed to promote higher-order thinking skills involving analysis, evaluation, and creativity.  Independent research skills, self-expression, collaborative problem solving, public speaking, and hands-on inquiry are the focus of many of our classes. 

        Information on the identification and referral process can be found by accessing Florence One's Testing and Assessment webpage. Please contact the school's REACH teacher for more information on the program. 

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      • Students who meet the eligibility criteria for Gifted and Talented services are mandated by the state to attend REACH classes each week. State regulations set a minimum number of minutes of instruction that each student enrolled in a gifted and talented program must receive. Absences are only considered lawful if the student is absent from school.  Absences due to make-up class work, failing grades, punishment, parental request, emotional distress, illness not requiring absence from school, or special events such as parties and field trips are not permitted.

        When the parents and qualifying GT students sign the placement form to participate in the REACH program, they agree to abide by the state's mandated attendance policy. Students must diligently attend and participate in the GT program in order to be successful in the GT coursework.

        If the school principal foresees a future activity that will occur on the student’s REACH day, the principal may request permission for the student(s) to be excused from REACH.  The written request should be submitted to the REACH Lead Teacher at least two weeks in advance of the event. 

      What People Are Saying

      • "REACH is a fun time where we are all pushed to new limits and truly challenged. I will never forget my REACH memories!" - Liam

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      • "When I go to REACH I really get to express myself and be me. I love to problem solve and find new, unthinkable ways to do things to push myself to new limits. That is why I love going in to REACH." -Harrison 

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      • "I love that we can work together as a group and problem solve. Problem solving is useful in the real world and REACH helps us to problem solve when things go wrong." -Emma

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      • "I personally love REACH because it is so much fun. In REACH, I actually learn new things. REACH makes learning exciting and interesting. So, all in all, I love REACH!" -Aarav

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      • "When I think about REACH, I think about more challenging and interesting learning subjects. I appreciate that we learn more useful material, and that REACH helps me prepare for future grades." -Henry

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      • "I love REACH so much and I look forward to coming every single week. One reason I love REACH is my teacher gives us challenging and fun things to work on." -Katie

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      • "I couldn’t go without telling you and his other REACH teachers how much he will miss you all. The REACH program is a true gift and we appreciate all you have done to teach and support our son. Please share our sentiments.... " -Former REACH Parent

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