• Briggs Elementary School 

    Briggs Elementary School has a long history of excellence and continues to strive to meet the needs of all students in a rapidly changing world.  We are a K-6 elementary school serving families in the heart of Florence, South Carolina since 1953. With a total enrollment of 575, we boast a diverse population of students as well as a faculty and administration that is comprised of 100% highly qualified and certified teachers and administrators.  While the instrument used to grade schools in South Carolina may change, the commitment to our students remains strong.  We help our students develop world class skills by facilitating creativity, innovation, critical thinking, and a passion for learning by allowing students to discover and self-direct through the use of best practices.

    Briggs is proud to be a Leader in Me School.  We are focused on providing opportunities for students to develop their full potential.  At Briggs our students lead!  Innovative initiatives continue to enhance the student learning experience at Briggs.  “Project Lead the Way” (a STEM initiated program) is being implemented in all of our science classrooms.  In addition, Google Classroom with Chromebooks at a ratio of 1:1 in grades 2 to 6.  Our early grades provide instruction through structured play, whole group, small group, and individual learning time. The use of iPads, laptops, music, rhyme, crafts, and leveled texts are instrumental in grades K-2. Reading Recovery is provided to 1st grade students who struggle with reading on grade level. All students attend physical education, music, art, funmatics, and agriculture education once a week.  Briggs is home to 10 chickens and a beautifully built chicken coop.  We have several raised garden beds that allow our students the opportunity for hands on learning outdoors.   

    We celebrate student success and reward students for working hard in the areas of academics, character, independent reading, and attendance. The life and career characteristics of perseverance, integrity, and work ethic are encouraged through positive reinforcement.  Teachers and parents work together to support successful student outcomes.  

    Outside of the classroom, we offer various extracurricular programs to enrich the lives of our students. We offer before and after school academic programs as well as clubs that focus on physical fitness, art, music, good news, dance, and 4H.  Our Mentoring Matters Program served over twenty students this year and established a firm foundation for a long lasting relationship with our community members.  

    We work daily to ensure our students have world-class knowledge by aligning all lessons to rigorous standards. Continuous improvement is important in our endeavor to prepare students for the future. In the area of academics, we are working to improve our standardized test scores for students with disabilities. While the data shows that these students are making progress each year, it is not at a rate equivalent to their peers.

    We are proud to be Bulldogs at Briggs Elementary School and look forward to continuing our long standing tradition of excellence.

    Tara Newton, Principal