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  • Eighth Grade Spanish 1B

    Mrs. Aida Morillo

    Bienvenidos a la clase de español de la señora Morillo! 


    Welcome to Spanish 1B.  I would like to welcome your child to my Spanish IB class at Williams Middle School. I am really excited about the things your child is going to learn during this school year. I truly care about your child's success and I will help them to accomplish their goals to the best of my ability and in whatever way is appropriate to me. 

    Spanish 1B is aimed at students in the MYP programme in phase 2. Students will acquire the Spanish language following the F1S CAD, the SC Standards for World language proficiency on NM and NH Learner and the philosophy of the MYP programme in a meaningful way. Through  authentic tasks and activities, students will reflect on the process of learning a new language through inquiry. 



    This year I will be using a blended methodology which includes TPRS® or Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling®with traditional grammar and vocabulary review. The TPRS is a language teaching method based on the idea that the brain needs enormous amounts of Comprehensible Input (CI) to acquire a new language. It focuses on using interactive books (F1S purchased Autentico 1) and oral stories that contain the most commonly-used words and phrases in Spanish to help students get familiar with the new language easily and quickly. 

    I set a goal to read four (04) books with easy stories in Spanish reading level. The students will receive their first book to read the first weeks of school and the rest at the beginning of each quarter. The books cannot be taken home and will be read at school during Spanish class time.( usually bell-work )


    It is imperative that students turn in their homework on time so they can benefit from going over the assignment. 

    Late Homework Policy: 

    Day 1: 100 the day it is due; if students don’t have the homework the day it is due, a 0 will be placed in the grade book .

    Day 2: To receive a 50, students must return the completed missing work the following class period with a parent signature. I WILL NOT ACCEPT IT WITHOUT THE PARENT SIGNATURE, NOR WILL I ACCEPT THE HOMEWORK AFTER THE NEXT CLASS (even with a parent signature). (This 50 does not apply to students who were absent on the day the homework was due; they would still receive full credit unless they don’t have the assignment the day AFTER they return to school.)


    Likewise, it is possible for students to complete their homework and turn it in early (at least the day before the assignment is due), and receive 5 bonus points on that homework assignment. (The 5 extra points can also apply to turning in projects and papers early).

    Make-up Work:

    It is the responsibility of the student to ask the teacher for make-up work upon returning to school after an absence.  I also email assignments if asked. I will give students 5 days to make-up work unless an alternate agreement is reached between the student and the teacher.  

    If the work is late, but your child WAS NOT absent, they will be deducted 10 points for each day it is late.

    If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact me.  


    Grading Policy and the Power of I:

    All middle school teachers, except Algebra 1 and English, will use the following grade calculation methods: 

    1. Yearly average will be calculated averaging each semester equally for non credit-bearing S1 = 50% and S2 = 50% 
    2. Semester Averages will be calculated where each quarter weighs 45% and the semester exam will count 10%.
        1. Semester 1 (S1) will calculate as Q1 = 45%, Q2 = 45% and E1 = 10% 
        2. Semester 2 (S2) will calculate as Q3 = 45%, Q4 = 45% and E2 = 10% 
    1. Semester Averages for year long credit bearing courses will be calculated as follows: 
        1. Semester 1 (S1) will calculate as Q1 = 45%, Q2 = 45% and E1 = 10% 
        2. Semester 2 (S2) will calculate as Q3 = 40%, Q4 = 40% and E2 = 20% 


    Power  of IMajor assignments MUST be redone if the student makes below a 59/F.  .  However, the highest grade they can receive is a 70. Also, they can retest twice per quarter.  Students have 5 school days to do this.

    Consequences when dealing with classroom behavior issues


    First Time: Verbal/ Non-Verbal Warning

    Second Time: Student Conference

    Third Time: Team Conference 

    Fourth Time: Parent Contact

    Fifth Time: Discipline Referral 

    *Some situations call for immediate parent contact and/or a discipline referral without going through the other steps.  Also, some situations may warrant a team meeting to discuss behavior across the board.

    *Team conferences are used when a student is exhibiting the same behaviors in multiple classes.

    Parent Conferences: If you need to schedule a parent conference at any time during the school year, please email Monica Felix, the 8th grade counselor, at Monica.Felix@fsd1.org.  For the sake of time, the 8th grade MYP teachers generally meet as a team.  If you would rather not do this, please let Ms. Felix know and will arrange the conference as you would like. 

    Signature page: (please return this page to Mrs. Morillo after completing the information below)

    I have read and discussed the information from the course syllabus with my student.


    Student name: ____________________________________________________________


    Parent signature: __________________________________________________________


    Contact information for parent: ______________________________________________