• Classroom Procedures

    Grading Policies:

    The grading policy in my classroom will follow the State of South Carolina Department of Educationa and Florence District One Guidelines:

    A = 90-100 / B = 80-89 / C = 70-79 / D = 60-69 / F = 0-59 and below is failing.

    The following assignments will be used to make up the students grade: class work, homework, tests and quizzes, lab reports, projects, and science journal/notebook.

    The point value will be determined by the assignment.

    Final grade by semester.

    • 40 % first/third quarters,
    • 40 % second/fourth quarter and
    • 20 % for the cumulative final exam.

    Lower grade are the result of:

    • Late & Missed Assignments due to missed days, absence or school activity
    • All assignments need to be turned in on time and by their due DATE.
    • Late work will not be accepted at full credit.
    • All missed work are subject to District One policy all work needs to be made up in five (5) days as scheduled by the teacher.  (Please read this information in students agenda or district website)
    • Lab Make-up (at descretion of teacher):  Will be done before or after school. The student is responsible for contacting teacher and arranging a make-up date. (Five-day rule applies)

    Class Attendance

    1. It is very important that all students report to class on time.
    2. Tardiness will not be tolerated.
    3. Absences need to be addressed the day the student returns to school.
    4. Work can be made up after an excused absence, you will be informed how many days (District policy is five days) you have to turn in make up work, and from the day you return.
    5. The student is responsible to see the teacher about make up and missed assignments.  All work must be made up before or after school.  My website has the current lesson plans.

    Classroom Rules

    1. Florence District One Discipline Code will be followed.
    2. Be on time (in your seat) and prepared for class with the appropriate materials.
    3. Follow teachers's instructions the first time given.
    4. Be respectful to the teacher, other students, and the learning environment.
    5. Remain seated until dismissed by the teacher. (bell is teacher reminder)
    6. NO food, candy, gum or drinks are allowed in class. Water only drinks are allowed.
    7. Cell phones are off and out of sight (per District One Policy)

    Consequences: (Recorded in District discipline system)

    • Verbal warning & conference with student
    • Phone Call and or email home
    • Discipline Notice to school Administration

    **Cheating, coping and plagiarism is a serious offense and will result in a zero for all students involved.

    If a student ever behaves in such a manner that is totally unacceptable, interfering with my rights as a teacher or with the rights of other students, he will be immediately removed from the classroom; the standard consequence procedures will not be adhered to in extreme cases.

    **Please feel free to contact me at jvchatlosh@fsd1.org or contact school and leave a phone number and time to call

  • Class Material List – required for class

    • Supplies for class needed everyday.    
    • Must have 2 Pens everyday, must be black(recommended), blue pens.
    • earbuds or head phones for listing to computer lessons.
    • Colored pencils and graphing paper will be needed during the course
    • USB Flash drive*** (2 GB or less works great)
    • Lab Journal*
    • Career Notebook^ (three ring binder) will be kept in classroom unless student is working on assignments.
    • Three ring binder with dividers~ for course files and resource sheets

    It is the intention that each student has a Laboratory Journal, a separate Career Journal, and a three-ring binder for this course.

    *The Laboratory Journal will be used as a place to write ideas and notes from course content, data from laboratories, and to reflect on observations or information.

    ^In the Career Journal, students will record information about many career topics throughout the course. In this first unit, students are instructed on how to use the journal. The intent is that the students will keep the same Career Journal through all four courses in the PLTW Biomedical Science Program.

    ~The three ring notebook will be used as a course file to organize all PLTW resource sheets, activity, project, and problem documents, and evidence documents related to the Anna Garcia case (case evidence, investigative notes, medical history documents, and autopsy reports). Detailed instructions for setting up, organizing, and maintaining this Course File are included in the curriculum. (C) 2017 PTLW.

    ***It is strongly recommended that students get a usb flash drive to be able to take projects to and from home, library or other computer. One drive can be used for all of their classes.