• Greek Mythology 

    In this unit of study, students will research and analyze the Olympic Gods of ancient Greece.  Students will enjoy learning about these mythical characters and will be amazed at the references to Greek mythology in our world today!

    Students will explore the concept of power in this unit. They will look at the following essential questions:

    1. What does it mean to have power?
    2. Is it good to have complete and total power? Why or why not?
    3. Who or what is powerful in our society? In ancient Greece?
    4. Do all cultures view power in the same way?
    5. Based on what you know, how would you explain (Greek God’s names)’s power?
    6. Who is the most powerful person YOU know? Why?
    • Awesome Algebra 

      This M3 unit’s emphasis on number patterns is designed to challenge mathematically talented students by encouraging them to take a new look at basic number concepts from an algebraic perspective. Students will become better estimators and have effective tools to perform computation mentally. Experiences and discussions in the unit will provide a rich context for introducing students to algebraic thinking and strengthen their reasoning and communication skills. 

      We will also use Hands-On Equations, a program that utilizes manipulatives to introduce algebra. This program is game-like and promotes reasoning skills.