• Grading Policy:

    • Project/test (40% of grade)

    • Quizzes/Labs (30% of grade)

    • Classwork/Homework (20% of grade)

    • Final Exam (10% of grade)

    Material Needed Daily:

    • Chromebook - Charged

    • Earbuds (CANNOT be wireless)

    • Pencil/Pen

    • Notebook Paper

    • Folder


    • Be respectful to the teacher and other students at all times.

    • Be on time and seated at the assigned desk when the bell rings.

    • Bring all materials to class.

    • Participate in class discussions and activities.

    • Complete all assignments on your own and turn them in when due. This includes Google

    Classroom assignments.

    •  The bell will not dismiss students; the teacher will dismiss students.

    Absences/Late Work:

    Absent- Should a student be absent, it is his/her responsibility to get all missed assignments

    from the teacher. Students should complete makeup work within 5 days of returning and submit to the teacher for grading.

    Late Work- After the fifth day of an assignment being late, the assignment will be graded as a zero. 


    Contacting the teacher:

    ● Email:  mellerbe@fsd1.org