• Ancient Egypt

    Adapted from the William and Mary unit “Ancient Egypt: Gift of the Nile,”  this unit fosters an understanding of ancient Egypt’s contributions to modern civilization, including language expression and social hierarchy. Students learn about the role geography plays in the development of a civilization. Additionally, students get an overview of Egyptian mythology. This unit is a mixture of online research, reading informational articles, and hands-on creative projects. Throughout every lesson, students strengthen their critical thinking, problem-solving, and appreciation of cultural studies.


    Digging for Data

    In Digging for Data, students explore the world of a research scientist and learn how to gather, represent, and analyze data which are the essence of good research. This unit of study was designed by Project M3: Mentoring Mathematical Minds, a leader in gifted math education. M3 units present real-life problems and are designed to motivate and challenge elementary students.