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  • Teacher: Mrs. A. Cheryl McFadden 

    Course Title: Careers 

    School Year: 2022-2023 

    Email: almcfadden@fsd1.org 

    Course Description: Careers is a quarter-long class for students in the 8th grade that focuses on three integrated areas of instruction–academic planning and career development, financial literacy, and technology. Course content ranges from college and career preparation to computer literacy skills to ways to manage personal finances and reduce personal risk. The area of technology is designed to be interwoven throughout course instruction. Mastery of the content standards provides a strong foundation for student achievement of the skills, attitudes, and knowledge that enables them to achieve success in school, at work, and across the life span. 

    Materials Needed: Computer laptop, journal notebook, blue or black pen or pencil, and paper. 

    Assessment and Grading Scale: Grades will be based on points awarded for each of the following: class Quizzes 30%, Classwork/ Homework 25%, and projects/tests 45%. A standard grading scale will be used according to Moore Middle’s standard scale as follows: A = 90-100, B = 80-89, C = 70-79, D = 60-69, F = 59 and below. 

    Student Responsibilities: All aspects of Moore Middle School’s student Handbook and Code of Conduct will be followed in this class as well as classroom expectations. 

    Students are expected to show respect for their classmates, the teacher, class visitors, and property

    Be in your seat and ready to begin work when the bell rings 

    Bring pen/pencil and paper to class each day 

    Talking is allowed only if class related 

    No food, drinks, candy, gum, grooming or cell phones in class! 

    Do your own work 

    Put your name on all papers – you will receive a zero for any work turned in without a name

    Keep your workstation clean and notify the teacher immediately of any problems 

    Make arrangements with the instructor within two days of returning from an excused absence to make up missed work. 

    Course Outline & Goals: 

    I. Personal Decision Making 

    Decision-Making Process 

    II. Academic Planning and Career Development 

    Workplace Behaviors; Personal Skills, Interests, and Abilities Related to Current Career Opportunities;

    Personal Preference, Education, and Training to Demands of the Workplace; Postsecondary/Higher Education Admissions Process; The Employment Process; Electronic Portfolio Using Digital Tools Innovations; Digital Citizenship; Utilize Utilizing. Online Learning, Workplace behaviors presentation, four year plan, career research presentation, career research electronic portfolio, and completed employment documents.

    Essential Questions 

    Personal Decision Making 

    How can you determine the opportunity cost of a decision? 

    How can you determine the trade-offs of a decision? What 

    is the best way to solve a problem that does not have an 

    obvious answer? 

    Academic Planning and Career Development 

    Why are appropriate workplace behaviors beneficial to employees and employers?

    Why are inappropriate workplace behaviors not beneficial to employees and employers?

    What are the procedures for addressing inappropriate workplace behaviors?

    What does diversity in the workplace look like?

    What are my personal areas of interest and aptitude?

    How do I complete a four-year high school education plan?

    What are my individual career options from the 16 National Career Clusters based on my 

    interest and aptitude assessments?

    What are specific job descriptions, requirements, salaries, and employment 

    outlooks for individual career options?

    What are the safety and health standards in the workplace for daily procedures, 

    emergency procedures, equipment/tools, dress, and use of technology and work area maintenance?

    What is the relationship between educational level and life? 

    earnings and how does this affect your potential lifestyle?

    What kind of postsecondary educational opportunities do your 

    career require?

    What is the employment process?

    How is a job search conducted?

    How do you fill out a job application? 

    How do you write a resume?

    What are interview skills? 

    How do you interview?

    What are employment forms?

    How do you complete employment forms?

    How are self-assessments beneficial in career planning? 


    Parent and Student: Please log-in to your child's(s) Google Classroom and fill out the information below listed on the second sheet. Have your child resend this form indicating that you have received and read this syllabus.


    Parent and Student: 

    I, (Name of student) __________________________________ have received and read the syllabus for Career Preparedness and I agree to abide by the student responsibilities. 

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