• College and Career Services

    Florence County Adult Education offers a variety of college and career services to students and the community:

    • Career Counseling
    • Workforce Training Services
    • Resume Writing
    • Job Postings
    • Softskills Certification
    • Wrap-around Support Referrals

    Lake City and Florence sites offer a full range of these services with certified Guidance and GCDF staff. Students who attend classes on any site may access them using the following contact information:

    McClenaghan Building, Florence

    Anne Stone     anne.stone@fsd1.org       843.758.6406       

    Dana Marsh    dmarsh@fsd1.org             843.942-8051

    LifeLong Learning Center, Lake City

    Beverly Singletary    bsingletary@fsd1.org   843.374.5517 x 11111

    Janice Howard          jhoward@fsd1.org       843.374.5517 x 11011