• GED Information

    The GED high school equivalency diploma is awarded to South Carolina residents who successfully pass all four sections of the GED test. The four test-sections are as follows:

    • Reasoning through Language Arts
    • Mathematical Reasoning
    • Social Studies
    • Science

    Residents who are 17 years old or older who are not currently enrolled in a SC high school may take the GED tests by creating an account on https://ged.com/ and scheduling to take tests at any PearsonVue authorized test center. Testers under the age of 19 must have a completed Verification of Withdrawal (VOW) form on file with Florence County Adult Education in order to be cleared to test.

    Most people benefit from help in preparing for the GED, and that is what adult basic education classes do. Please register online from home or in-person at one of our school sites to begin a registration process to become a student.