• Music Technology

Music Technology

  • Audio Engineering and Music Technology prepares students for jobs in the fields of music, video, television, broadcasting, and film by teaching them the art and technical craft of sound recording, music recording, and studio production.The science of sound, as well as the techniques and equipment that are used to capture and improve it, are the center of our audio engineering program. Our courses focus on studying how audio equipment works and how to integrate technology into the daily operations of recording studios, television networks, and radio stations.

    Upon acceptance, F1CA students will have additional requirements above and beyond the base requirements for Audio Engineering. These requirements include, but are not limited to:

      • Participation in Recording Projects
      • Assisting in school events when needed.

Audition Requirements for Music Technology

    • Option 1: Musical audition: One musical selection (instrumental or vocal) at least 1 minute in length displaying the students musical ability. 
    • Option 2: Editing audition: Compose, arrange, and edit a piece of music using GarageBand, Pro Tools, or any other type of software that you are comfortable using. The selection should include two sections, each 8 measures in length. SFHS has GarageBand and Pro Tools available, but any other software or web based application would need to be provided by the student.
    • Interview
  • Contact Eric Terry with any questions about the program. His email is eterry@fsd1.org.


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