Book Sets and Materials

      • Book Sets and Materials

        Come visit us in the library and checkout the vast array of material we have for you to use in your classroom. Let us know what we can do to help with curriculum resources.

        Remember to let Mrs. Dawkins know if you would like her to help co-teach a class on research or new tech tools. The Teacher Collaboration Form is HERE. If you want to use the space to teach or co-teach with Mrs. Dawkins, the form to Bring a Class to the Library for Teaching is HERE.



        Use the Google form below to make request for additional curriculum needs. 



      Helping Students in the Digital Age

      • John Spencer's YouTube video above is a great view on helping students spot fake news and misinformation. 2016
        Spencer's blog is one I frequent as it has some ideas to inspire. 

        There are tons of videos from Common Sense Education on how to help students navigate an online world and become responsible digital citizens. Check it out Common Sense Media here.

        Edutopia has tons of articles and information as well. Browse all the Edutopia info on that site here.

      Class Book Checkout

      • Sign up to Bring Your Class to Checkout Books

        Southside Libary

        To bring your entire class down at one time for 30 minutes, please fill out the Class Book Checkout Form.