• Southside Middle School Wellness Policy


    • students need access to healthful foods and opportunities to be physically active to grow, learn and thrive;
    • good health fosters student attendance and learning;
    • obesity rates among youth have increased and physical inactivity and excessive calorie intake are the predominant causes of obesity;
    • community participation is essential to the development and implementation of successful school wellness policies;

    Southside Middle School is committed to providing a school environment that promotes and protects student health, well-being and learning by supporting healthful eating and physical activity and opportunities for advocacy for overall wellness.

    Therefore, it is the policy of Southside Middle School that:

    • Our school will engage students, parents, teachers, food service professionals, health professionals, school board members and other interested community members in developing, monitoring and reviewing our healthful eating and physical activity policies.
    • Our school will provide opportunities, support and encouragement for students and staff to be physically active on a regular basis.
    • Our school will provide opportunities for staff and students to establish links between health education, healthful eating choices, related communities services, physical activity and total wellness.

    To achieve our policy goals, Southside will:

    1. Maintain a School Wellness Council made up of (but not limited to) teachers, parents, students, administrators, health care professionals school board members, and community members.
    2. Create, strengthen and work with the Council to develop, implement, monitor, review and revise our policies regarding healthful eating and physical activity.
    3. Establish a regular meeting schedule to access our policy’s effective implementation.
    4. Advertise and encourage opportunities for advocacy for wellness.