• IGPs (Individual Graduation Plans)

    An Individual Graduation Plan or IGP is just what it says a plan.  An IGP is an educational plan established to help assist a student achieve his or her specific education and career goals while promoting maximum educational possibilities. During an IGP conference, the student will discuss long term goals such as post-secondary education and career goals as well as short term goals such as chosen high school "majors" (areas of interest) and classes.  Then it is discussed with the student how he or she can plan his/her coursework to assist in achieving these goals.

    In 2005, the Education and Economic Development Act (EEDA) law came into effect that requires students from 2011 and beyond to participate in an Individual Graduation Plan Conference with a School Counselor each academic year.  It is also mandated by the state that the parent/guardian(s) of each student also attend the IGP conference once EVERY ACADEMIC YEAR.  For more information visit.. SC Department of Education Website.   

    Parent involvement is great when it comes to planning an IGP.  First, it keeps the parent up-to-date with activities and classes at school as well his/her child’s career and educational interests.  It also allows parents to ask face-to-face questions with the School Counselor in regards to their child’s education plan.  It gives parents a greater sense of involvement with their children’s educational and career plans.

    For more information about your IGP conference please contact the School Counselor.