Paper 1:1 Middle School Tutoring

  • What is Paper?

    Paper is a secure, online tutoring service that provides Florence 1 middle school students with unlimited, 24/7 academic support. Whether they’re stuck on homework, studying for a test, or need someone to read and make suggestions to their essays, there will always be experts available online to assist students in over 200 subjects and more than 4 languages.

    Who are the tutors and how do they help?

    Paper tutors have been specially trained to conduct expert, academic support in a secure, chat-based platform. With a commitment to helping students learn, they’ll never give students answers, but rather interact with them in an encouraging tone to lead them forward.

    How do students log in?

    1. How do students log in?
      On their chromebook, login to Classlink and click on Paper.
    2. On any other device, click here and sign in with Classlink and then click on Paper.

    How can parents learn more about Paper?

    Paper offers Parent Information Sessions in English and Spanish. Parents can sign up to attend an information session by clicking here.

What is Paper?

How does Paper help students?