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  • Attendance Information 2021-2022 Text Version

    All attendance polices and laws are in effect for the 2021-2022 school year. Students are required to attend school a minimum of 170 of the school year's 180 days to receive credit for the academic school year.

    Attendance & COVID

    • Attendance is taken every day in elementary school and each class period at the middle and high school level. Students in high school or middle school with high school level classes must meet the state-mandated attendance requirement for the course to receive credit.
    • Students who are impacted by COVID will receive virtual instructional activities during the quarantine period. These students will be marked as PRESENT (SC-VTP), if the work is submitted by the teacher's deadline.
    • Students who are impacted by COVID and are too sick to participate in instructional activities will be marked with an excused medical ABSENCE (SC-COVD).
    • Virtual Attendance during this period is just as important and counts the same as on-site instructional time. Virtual instruction and attendance is ONLY available to students who are out due to a COVID impacted situation.

    What to do for Technology Issues

    Contact your school or the F1S Tech Department with any technology issues. Documented technology issues resulting in an absence during virtual instruction will be excused.
    etech@fsd1.org or 843-673-1180

    Truancy & Chronic Absentteeism


    • Students are TRUANT once (3) consecutive unexcused absences or a total of 5 unexcused absences happen in a school year.
    • Attendance Intervention Plans must be put into place at that time.


    • Students are CHRONICALLY ABSENT once they miss 50% or more of the instructional day for any reason for 10% or more of their enrollment period. 
    • Examples:
      40 days enrolled = 4 days absent
      90 days enrolled = 9 days absent
      180 days enrolled = 18 days absent

    When Do Absences Become A Problem?

    Chronic Absence - 18 or more days

    Warning Signs - 10 - 17 days

    Satisfactory - 9 or fewer absences

    Note: These numbers assume a 180-day school year.