• SFHS Universal Late Work Policy

    At South Florence High School, we are dedicated to the academic and social development of all of our students. With this in mind, and in an effort to maintain consistency and continuity school-wide, our late work policy is as follows: 

    When students do not turn work in on the assigned due date, the following policy will go into effect: Students will receive a 10% deduction per day for the first five days after the due date. Students who turn work in after the five day allotted time, will receive a maximum grade, per assignment, of a 50. Students may submit late work up until one week prior to the end of each quarter.Late assignments will be graded and given a grade that is 50% of the earned academic grade. (Example: assignment is turned in 4 weeks late.  The earned academic grade is an 80.  The grade will be recorded in the gradebook as a 40. Work that is late past the 5 day mark will only be given 50% of the earned academic credit.)

    Students must email the teacher with the subject line of the late work being turned in along with the original due date.  Failure to notify the teacher that work is submitted will result in the zero remaining in the gradebook. Students who choose not to turn in the work will receive a grade of zero. In the event that an assignment is not submitted by the due date, all teachers, per district policy, will issue a 0 as a placeholder until the work has been submitted. 

     This is a universal policy for all subjects, content areas, and courses. The only exceptions to this policy are Advanced Placement and Dual Credit courses. Students who fall under the Department of Justice (Exception Children, Multiple Languages, or Mckinney Vento etc....) are not subject to this policy as they have plans specifically written for their needs.  Per FSD1 policy: excused absences, extenuating circumstances, and SFHS  administrative approval may alter or change this policy on a case by case basis.