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  • 3rd & 4th Grades: 

    Mythic Hero

    In Mythic Hero, we will read and analyze Greek myths and look at the concept of "heroes."  Students will compare Greek heroes to modern-day heroes, and they will even create their own mythical heroes!  In addition, students will: 

    • develop critical thinking skills
    • increase understanding of the elements of literature
    • develop creative writing skills
    • develop an understanding of Greek culture 


    Final Frontier 

    In this unit students investigated the planets of our solar system to determine which can be inhabited by humans one day.  They conducted research on each planet, demonstrated the difference between rotation and revolution, and constructed both a space center and a spaceship.  During the construction of their spaceship and space center, students learned how to calculate the area and perimeter of squares and rectangles. Students use Google Classroom for their assignments along with programs such as EdPuzzles, Flipgrid and Gizmo.  Whenever possible, we did individual labs and activities to reinforce the content taught.  

    Spanish Language



  • 5th & 6th Grades: 

    In this class, students will examine the U.S. Judicial System and apply the knowledge acquired to analyze fairy tales, placing one or more characters on trial for their crimes. Students will take on the roles of attorneys, defendants, plaintiffs, witnesses, and jurors.

    In this Mentoring Mathematical Minds unit, students explore fraction sense and obtain a deeper understanding of fraction size, ordering, equivalence, and combining. The students construct fraction strips and measuring tapes.  They also make origami frogs to race. For the culminating activity, the students prepare a trail mix using their fraction and measuring skills.

    French Language