Student Loan Management Solutions

  • A Complimentary Program For All Florence 1 Schools Employees 

    Florence 1 Schools has partnered with Horace Mann to bring you Student Loan Solutions — a suite of online tools and loan coaches that can help you manage your student loan debt and apply for federal loan forgiveness.

    With Horace Mann Student Loan Solutions you’ll be able to:

    • See all of your student loan information in one place

    • Determine your best repayment plan

    • Calculate your loan forgiveness potential

    • Receive ongoing support and guidance


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Contact Information

  • Lee Wilson 
    Pee Dee Educators Insurance Agency
    (843) 662-6758 

    Please submit Student Loan Forgiveness, Public Service Forgiveness Forms, and/or Teaching Experience Forms to: 

    Taylor Brown 

    F1S Staff Support Specialist 

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