• African American History

    Level: CP Credit: 1⁄2 Grade: 9-12

    African Americans have made significant contributions to the economic, political, social, and cultural development of the United States. Through this course, students discover how African Americans have always been an integral part of the American experience. However, African Americans have also been a viable force unto themselves with their own experiences, culture, and aspirations. African American history cannot be understood except in the broader context of the United States' history.


    Art 1

    Level: CP Credit: 1 Grade: 9-12

    This course reflects sequential art growth and understanding from one learning level to the next. All students can sign up for Art 1; however, students are promoted to higher levels on the teacher’s recommendation. Some students may be promoted to Art 2 with recommendation from middle school art teachers based on class performance (i.e. attitude, cooperation, interest level and participation) as well as class evaluation (i.e., grades).


    Band 1 and 2 (Intermediate Band)

    Level CP Credit: 1 per semester (yearlong course) Grades 9-10

    Prerequisite: Middle school teacher recommendation for grade 9; HS band director approval grade 10

    This course is a continuation of the band from middle school where the standards-based study of music techniques and literature essential to wind and percussion performance are expanded and emphasized. Course content includes required performance activities including concerts, marching, and other public and classroom performances. Band students must sign up for fall and spring semester for admittance in this class.


    Child Development 1

    Level: CP Credit: 1 Grade: 9-12

    Child Development 1 focuses on the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive growth and development of children. Emphasis is placed on helping students acquire knowledge and skills essential to the care and guidance of children. Students learn to create environments that promote optimal development. Factors impacting a child’s development from conception through childhood are explored.

    Opportunities for service and project-based learning are incorporated throughout the course. Integration of the Family and Consumer Sciences Student Organization, Family Careers, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA), greatly enhances this curriculum.


    Chorus 1 and 2

    Level CP Credit 1-each semester Grade: 9-12

    Prerequisite: None

    This is a beginning chorus class open to any student. The basic singing skills are taught with emphasis upon posture, tone quality, and diction. Chorus 1 and 2 are performance-based classes. Students are required to participate in school and classroom concerts. Some classes may be gender specific such as Chorus or Men's Ensemble. It is recommended that Chorus 1 precede auditions for the full year honors level chorus class.


    Creative Writing

    Level: CP Credit: 1 Grade: 9-12

    Students will learn various aspects of writing, including writing more descriptively and being able to catch the reader’s attention. They will write essays, short stories, and poetry. The main focus of this class is short story writing.


    Current Events

    Level: CP Credit: 1/2 Grade: 9-12

    This course is a local elective which offers students a forum of organized discussions of current world, state, and local events. It provides an opportunity for students to gain an awareness of the world in which they live and provides practice in using analytical and evaluative skills.


    Dance 1 - 2

    Level: CP Credit: 1 Grade: 9-12

    Prerequisite: Teacher approval

    Required: Appropriate dance attire and shoes

    This standards-based course is designed to allow students to begin dance instruction at the high school level. The course is performance based, but will also include the study of movement/dance vocabulary, choreographic tools, and composition principles used to evaluate dance. Students will learn dance/movement elements: body, space, time dynamics and effort. Students will participate in a school public performance. Specific dress and shoes are required for participation in this course.


    Digital Arts

    Level: CP Credit: 1 Grades: 9-12

    Students will create digital art work using Adobe Creative Suite. Historical periods and artists are compared and contrasted through reading, writing, and computer – based activities.


    Family and Consumer Science 1

    Level: CP Credit: 1 Grade: 9-12

    Family and Consumer Sciences 1 is a comprehensive course designed to provide students with the core knowledge and skills needed to manage their lives. Project based instruction provides students with opportunities to utilize higher order thinking, communication, and leadership skills impacting families and communities. Concepts incorporate interpersonal relationships; career, community, and family connections; family, nutrition and wellness; consumer and family resources; fashion and apparel; food production and service; parenting and housing into a rigorous and relevant curriculum. Integration of the Family and Consumer Sciences Student Organization, Family Careers and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA), greatly enhances this curriculum.


    Family Life 1

    Level: CP Credit: 1 Grade: 9-12

    Your body is not the only thing that needs to be healthy! What about your relationships? Learn how to make better choices by enrolling in Family Life Education 1! Family Life Education 1 helps students understand and apply various concepts to gain and maintain healthy relationships throughout their lives. Topics such as applying interpersonal skills in relationships, critiquing financial decisions, and determining risk factors of healthy lifestyles are included in the course content. Integration of the Family and Consumer Sciences student organization, Family Careers, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA), standards greatly enhance the curriculum.


    Graphic Design

    Level: CP Credit: 1 Grades: 9-12

    This course focuses on the procedures commonly used in the graphic communication and design industries. Students will gain experience in creative problem solving and the practical implementation of those solutions across multiple areas of graphic communications.


    Guitar 1 and 2

    Level: CP Credit: 1 Grade: 9-12

    This course is designed for the beginner student with no prior music or guitar experience. Students will learn the fundamentals of guitar, note reading, and basic music theory.


    Horticulture for the Workplace 1

    Level: CP Credit: 2 Grades: 9-11

    Horticulture for the Workplace 1 includes organized subject matter and practical experiences related to the culture of plants used principally for ornamental or aesthetic purposes. Instruction emphasizes knowledge and understanding of the importance of establishing, maintaining, and managing ornamental horticulture enterprises. Typical instructional activities include hands-on experiences with propagating, growing, establishing, and maintaining nursery plans and greenhouse crops; tissue culture techniques; designing landscapes; preparing designs; sales analysis and management; participating in personal and community leadership development activities; planning and implementing a relevant school-to-work transition experience; and participating in FFA activities.


    Introduction to Engineering Design (IED)

    Level: H Credit: 1 Grade: 9-12

    Prerequisite: Recommended completion or concurrent enrollment in Algebra I

    In this course, students use 3D solid modeling design software to help them design solutions to solve proposed problems. Students will learn how to document their work and communicate solutions to peers and members of the professional community. This course is designed for 9th or 10th grade students. The major focus of the IED course is to expose students to the design process, research and

    analysis, teamwork, communication methods, global and human impacts, engineering standards, and technical documentation. This course will fulfill the computer science graduation requirement. This course is offered at each home high school.

    Journalism Production 1

    Level: CP Credit: 1 Grade: 9-12

    This project-based course (the project being the student newspaper) introduces students to the basics of journalistic writing. Students will learn to use the inverted pyramid style of writing, interviewing and research techniques, journalism ethics and responsibilities, advertising and the elements of layout and design for the newspaper. This course offers a study of the contents of the daily newspaper and the chance to write in a journalistic style. Students will become analytical consumers of media and technology to enhance their communication skills. Writing, technology, visual, and electronic media are used as tools for learning as students create, clarify, critique, write, and produce effective communications. In addition, students will receive “on-the-job” training as they help to create

    and publish the school newspaper.


    Multicultural Studies

    Level: CP Credit: 1⁄2 Grade 9-12

    Multicultural Studies is a quarter elective history and sociology course that examines the United States as a multicultural nation. The course emphasizes the perspectives of minority groups while allowing students from all backgrounds to better understand and appreciate how race, culture and ethnicity, and identity contribute to their experiences. Major topics in the course include identity, immigration, assimilation and distinctiveness, power and oppression, struggles for rights, regionalism, culture and the media, and the formation of new cultures.


    Music Appreciation (Introduction to Music)

    Level: CP Credit: 1 Grade: 9-12

    This introductory course in the study of music history and literature is appropriate for all college bound students. Music through the ages will be studied. No performance skills are needed.



    Level: CP Credit: 1/2 Grade: 9-12

    This class consists of analysis of Greek and Roman mythology, including their origins and similarities. The curriculum will include the analysis and study of the origin of myths about nature and heroes and their origins. Students will do projects, reading assignments, and compositions involving research.


    New Testament

    Level: CP Credit: 1/2 Grade: 9-12

    This course introduces students to the content of the New Testament including its impact on history, religion, government, literature, and the visual and performing arts.


    Orchestra 1 - 2

    Level: CP Credit 1-each semester Grade: 9-10

    Prerequisite: Teacher approval

    This course is a continuation of strings from middle school that emphasizes standards-based development of the techniques essential to string instruments (violin, viola, cello, and string bass). The study of music literature and appreciation of different periods and style of music will be emphasized. This is a performance-based class with required community and school performances. It is recommended that students select fall and spring credit each year for successful skills progression.

    Percussion 1-2

    Level: CP Credit: 1 Grade: 9-12

    Percussion is class design especially for percussionists to learn the proper techniques.


    Piano 1-2

    Level: CP Credit: 1 Grade: 9-12

    This course is designed for the beginner student with no prior music or piano experience. Students will learn the fundamentals of piano, note reading, and basic music theory.


    Poetry 1

    Level: CP Credit: 1 Grade: 9-10

    Students will study both traditional and contemporary poetry. The focus will be analytical and creative responses to poems. The culminating activity will be the creation of a portfolio consisting of student poems and analytical essays about published poetry.



    Level: CP Credit: 1 Grade: 9-12

    Psychology is an elective survey course dedicated to the holistic study of behavior. Topics include the biological bases of behavior, the learning process, sensation and perception, motivation and personality, defense mechanisms, testing, human growth and development, abnormal psychology, and leading theorists in the field. NOTE: This course is an elective.



    Level: CP Credit: 1 Grade: 9-12

    Sociology is an elective course that examines the social, political, religious, economic, and educational institutions that affect human relationships. A study of the following will be included: techniques of sociologists, socialization, norms, roles, deviant behavior, groups, social stratification, and social change. Students will also study society and social structure, social inequality and discrimination, religion, and the various theoretical perspectives as part of the class. NOTE: This course is an elective.


    South Carolina Folklore and Fiction

    Level: CP Credit: 1/2 Grade: 9-12

    This course will provide students exposure to various items of historical value about the state of South Carolina that are not usually addressed in history courses. Students will learn about local legends, people, and events. Students will write daily and complete a research project.

    Spanish 1

    Level: CP Credit: 1 Grade: 9-12

    This course is a performance-based introduction to the language whereby students are engaged in the three modes of communication: interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational. Students are expected to attain Novice levels of aural-oral skills, listening and reading comprehension, formation of speech patterns, and writing via interaction with authentic texts and materials.



    Level: CP Credit: 1 Grade: 9-12

    Speech is an introduction to public speaking. Students will write speeches and learn how to express themselves before an audience.


    Theatre Arts 1

    Level: CP Credit: 1 Grade: 9-12

    This class is an introduction to the world of drama, including its history and basic elements of acting skills and techniques. Students will also learn the basic elements of the stagecraft, including lighting, set design, costumes, and makeup.


    Three-Dimensional Design 1

    Level: CP Credit: 1⁄2 Grade: 9-12

    This Three-Dimensional Design class focuses on projects that are three-dimensional in nature. The third dimension refers to forms that have height, width, and depth. Students will produce both functional and aesthetic pieces of work with an emphasis on clay.


    Video Production 1

    Level: CP Credit: 1 Grade: 9-12

    Required: Interview

    This course will cover the fundamentals of video broadcasting such as scripting, production, and postproduction of a story. Students will learn writing, interviewing on-and-off camera skills, and broadcast ethics. They will be using a variety of technology such as digital video cameras, digital cameras, computers, Movie Maker software, and microphones.


    Yearbook Production 1

    Level: CP Credit: 1 Grade: 9-12

    Students will gain competence in journalism directed to production of a yearbook. They will master layout and design, graphics, photography, reporting, writing, journalistic style, journalism ethics, and their 1st Amendment rights. They will see their skills published in the school yearbook.