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    This week I would like to highlight and thank two academic departments at South Florence for their on-going work with the library -- teachers in the English and Math departments consistently seek out partnerships and resource support from the library for the betterment of their students, and I thank every one of them for the trust and collaboration they have shown in the last few weeks. We have created hyperdocs and choice boards together and found alternative resources to work best with our virtual students. One MASSIVE partnership project was completed today; the math department has been focusing on math as an academic language and way of thinking, and teachers have been using a consistent set of vocabulary terms as part of their instruction. To support the efforts of these teachers, the SFHS library created a LibGuide (a library guide) to house, update, and communicate resources for all of the math courses. What initially began as an effort to support vocabulary instruction, became a virtual hub of student support for learning and mastering mathematicsCheck out the Mathcabulary LibGuide here. English teachers have consistently worked with the library this semester too by encouraging independent reading through the Bruin Book Buffet (a virtual library trip), improved research skills and writing support by trying out Tutor.com and other databases (a free service for staff and students through SC Discus), and of-the-moment discussions through book talks, current events, and  inquiry-based investigations (see the AP English Lit LibGuide for Colson Whitehead's Novel -- The Nickel Boys).
    As you look ahead to the eLearning days in the upcoming weeks and beyond into January, please know that the library is here to help with resources and lesson/unit planning assistance. Our students benefit from professional partnerships in the building and we do too!! We are here, waiting to work with you...have a great weekend!