Athletic Youth

    Students participating in Physical Education will need...

    • Athletic Clothing: Athletic clothes on the chid's designated P.E. day is highly recommended!  Clothing should be comfortable, easy to move around in, and loose fitting to enable developmentally appropriate movement (i.e., sweat-shorts/sweat-pants or leggings, cotton-blend t-shirt/sweatshirts).  Tank tops, sleeveless shirts, or undershirts are not permitted.  All clothing must comply with district and school policy.
    • Athletic Footwear: Tennis shoes (sneakers) must be able to support the foot, provide traction on various surfaces and fit securely with laces and/or velcro.  Boots, dress shoes, crocs, high-heel shoes, sandals, flip-flops, or tennis shoes missing laces will not be permitted for safe participation during P.E. activities.  Students in grades K-2 are encouraged to wear athletic footwear that he/she can manage on his/her own.

    Wearing appropriate athletic footwear is very important when participating in PE.  Tennis shoes (sneakers) offer good support for the spine and hips as well as provide a stable and secure surface for quick or abrupt movement.  Performing in shoes like boots or flip flops makes it easier for a student to fall because of the rigid or unsteady sole of the shoe.  If a student wears a different kind of shoe (other than athletic footwear) to school please be sure to pack PE shoes in his/her back pack.  If a student should wear the incorrect kind of shoes to P.E., any activity that involves running, jumping, walking on stilts, balance beam, etc., the student will kindly be asked not to participate during that portion of physical activity to avoid injury.  PLEASE encourage your child to wear the appropriate athletic footwear to P.E.!

    • Marble Composition Notebook (Grades 2-6): This will stay in the class the entire year for journal writing
    • Plastic Water Bottle (optional):  Recommended for water break intervals during physical activities
    • Hand Sanitizer (pocket size)