• A librarian is a key member of the school community. “Qualified school librarians perform interlinked, interdisciplinary, and cross-cutting roles as instructional leaders, program administrators, educators, collaborative partners, and information specialists” (pg 12).

    As a librarian, I will fulfill my duties as a leader, instructional partner, information specialist, teacher, and program administrator. I will make it my duty to empower the students at my school to master the domain competencies, to use the correct tools and to be able to access the correct resources when needed by using the fundamental elements of think, create, share and grow. I will also self-reflect on all I do to assist teachers and students to make each experience better than the previous. (pg. 15)

    As a leader, I will take the initiative to lead my school in professional developments. Seek out the skills being covered by teachers and collaborate with them. Sit in on team meetings when able to seek out the materials needed to aid the teachers with teaching their curriculum.

    As a teacher, I will provide students lessons on how to complete research and use materials found correctly. As the librarian, it is my responsibility to make sure the students are being a good digital citizen and know how to discern information found is valid and from credible sites.

    I believe all students can learn, but learn at different paces and styles. Students need to be taught at their level and need to have a variety of materials available to them to aid in their learning. As a teacher librarian, it is my responsibility to get to know the students and to be able to assist them when they come into the library looking for books.

    Education is an ever evolving door and the teacher librarian is no different. Empowering students, teachers and the surrounding community is my mission. Without the library being at the forefront of the educational bridge, teachers and students would have very few resources to rely upon in their educational learning and experience.

    Vision Statement

    The vision for the Greenwood Elementary School library is to have a welcoming atmosphere in which students, teachers and the surrounding community pursues their interests and the world around them through reading and research, have a love for reading and lifelong learning, having the most up-to-date information and technology to be able to use with the standards within the classroom and to be able to discern between valid and invalid information.


    ALA Editions, an imprint of the American Library Association. (2018). National school library standards for learners, school librarians, and school libraries. Chicago.