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     Transportation Department

  • Florence One Schools is authorized by the S.C. Department of Education to provide school bus transportation for pupils regularly enrolled within the district's attendance lines. The Transportation Office realizes it is working with one of Florence County's most precious resources—its school children. To help ensure safe, efficient transportation, parents/guardians and students should read the Rules of Conduct so they will know their responsibilities.
    Riding the bus is a privilege rather than a right for each student to enjoy. The Transportation Office will do everything within its authority to provide the safest transportation possible for the students in Florence One Schools.

    Transportation Mission Statement:
    To provide safe and efficient transportation for all eligible students within Florence One Schools. Transportation provides support for Florence One Schools in the following areas:

    • To and From School (eligible students)
    • Field Trips
    • Special Needs
    • After School Programs, when offered
    • Summer School Programs, when offered

    Florence One Schools operates 87 school buses on 250 routes and provides transportation for twelve thousand students each school day. Overall our drivers travel about 10,000 miles a day. The District is broken down into four main areas of responsibility for Transportation, Wilson, West Florence, South Florence, and Special Needs.

  • Office of Transportation

    1810 E National Cemetery Road

    Florence, SC 29506

    P: 843-673-1118

    F: 843-673-5797

    E: Transportation@fsd1.org