• Florence County Adult Education Child Development

    Child development for Florence County Adult Education students is a collaboration of Adult Education and local Florence county school districts’ Early Childhood Programs.  Children will be provided with professional care in a safe learning environment.  Family participants will engage in family learning activities and will receive age-appropriate books for their children.

    Who may participate?

    Any Florence County Adult Education registered student who is currently attending classes in-person may bring their child, age 3 months to pre-school age to Poynor child care during the times of morning classes, 8:30am-noon.  Parents who bring a child must bring shot records and must also agree to participate in family literacy classes for 30 minutes of their morning class time.  

    How do I attend family literacy classes?

    Family literacy classes are taught by staff onsite at the following two locations:

    • LifeLong Learning Center in Lake City - Contact Mrs. Beverly Singletary at bsingletary@fsd1.org or 843-374-5517, x1034
    • McClenaghan Building in Florence - Contact Mrs. Heather Taylor at htaylor@fsd1.org or 843.758.6422

    What should I bring for my child when I come?

    Bottles, diapers, change of clothes, wipes for daily use.  Do not allow your child to bring toys.

    What if my child is sick?

    Keep your child at home when sick until he/she has been free of fever for 24 hours. If your child has an infectious disease, provide a doctor’s excuse when you return.

    What is the cost?

    Child care is free for active adult education students.

    Where do we drop off and pick up our children?

    Drop off and pick up children onsite.

    Do I have to fill out any forms?

    Yes, there are forms associated with these services.  You can get those onsite.  Plus, we need to know if your information changes.

    Who will be taking care of my child?

    Florence One School employees will be the primary child care workers.

    How might I contact the child care workers?

    Lake City, call 843-374-5517, x11111

    Florence, call 843.758.6422